Light store rules

Light store is Traffic Light affiliate network's store where its partners can make purchases for the bonuses (lights) they got.

You can get lights for:

  • 1. Signing up. Every new user automatically gets 50 lights when he or she signs up.
  • 2. Offer testing You can get up to 1600 Lights per month depending on the number of offers that brought you at least 1 approved lead;:

    • 100 Lights for testing from 3 to 5 offers during a month;
    • 600 Lights (in total) for testing from 6 to 8 offers during a month;
    • 1600 Lights (in total) for testing 9 or more offers during a month.
  • 3. Approved leads (up to 4 Lights for every approved lead). The standard number of Lights for a lead: 1 or 2 (bonus size depends on the offer). The number of Lights per lead increases due to Lights coefficient which works from the 5th day of driving traffic: if an affiliate has at least 1 approved lead daily for 5 days, his or her Lights coefficient increases by 0.1 daily until the day during which an affiliate gets no approved leas comes. The maximum Light coefficient (2.0) can be reached on the 14th day of non-stop traffic driving. You don't get Lights for the leads associated with the offers that have increased payout rate.
  • 4. • Reaching the level of 100/1000/2000/5000 approved leads. Every month, you can get:

    • + 200 Lights for 100 approved leads;
    • + 2000 Lights for 1000 approved leads;
    • + 4000 Lights for 2000 approved leads;
    • + 10000 Lights for 5000 approved leads
  • 5. Reviews on Traffic Light on websites such as,, and etc.
  • 6. Telling in your social media accounts about the product you bought.

To get extra Lights thanks to Light coefficient, you need to choose a goal for saving on page. An affiliate can change a goal at any time without losing the Lights he or she got.

The Lights you've saved can't be burnt if an affiliate isn't active.

To make purchases in Light store, an affiliate needs to save a sufficient number of Lights. One can't use rubles/dollars or any other currency except for Lights to pay. Also, affiliates can't reduce the price by sending Traffic Light a coupon giving a discount on the product ordered by an affiliate.

Light store's prices are equal to the average market prices in Russian Federation. The only reason why prices can be increased is because the suppliers increased their prices. The prices you can see on website are the final ones.

Delivery is included in the price.