Test your offers with minimal costs

Check if there are any customers for your product

Only e-commerce and nutra

No need to top up ad budget
No wasting time on a new integration

Upload one or several offers

And get an answer within 24 hours

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Affiliate advertisers issues

No traffic

You spend time entering into a partnership and preparing an offer, make a deposit, but your efforts don't transform into leads


You're getting motivated traffic and CPA-networks are reluctant to compensate for the losses

High deposit

You hold tens of thousands of USD without guarantees of receiving traffic to your offer

We offer

  • Attach the offer in a few minutes without making a deposit

  • And find out whether the affiliate network can drive traffic to your offer

Why Traffic Light?

Compensation for low-quality traffic

We track fraud on our own in 95% of cases. If you face incenting traffic, we will recompense the losses incurred

Peer review

We give forecasts and tips on uploaded offers and share experience on how to increase the average bill by 2-3 times

Guaranteed traffic

Be sure to receive a test flow of visitors as we have our own media-buying teams

Minimal deposit is 500$

We will refund the unspent deposit on demand within 24 hours

Help with product development

We offer marketing research based on our experience and internal accumulated statistics, in order to form your USP

Top 10 offers of the week

TOP by amount
TOP by trend
TOP by prospect

The top offers by the number of conversions (the more leads, the higher the offer is on the list)

Top offers by the conversion growth dynamic over a week (the faster the amount of leads grows, the higher the offer is on the list)

Top offers by the affiliates' interest (the more affiliates visit the offer page, the higher the offer is on the list)

Is your product not packed up?

If your product seems promising, our experts will make assisting in the launch of the offer.

Our experts provide advice on:

Selling texts

Design and layout of landing pages


Promotional materials

Other necessary creatives

You have every opportunity to create a great product and get traffic stream on it

Traffic Light in numbers


years on the market


approved leads daily


full-time employees (without call center specialists)


offices worldwide


offers — we bring
to the market monthly

Our goals

  • Provide the advertiser with the necessary amount of high-quality traffic

  • Save the advertiser's time

  • Help you work with analytics and provide statistics

  • Make your products sellable

  • Help you minimize your expenses: we will provide outsourcing services of call center

How to become a partner?

Find out if we can find buyers for your product, before you become a partner of the network and work on an offer:

  • Enter contact data

  • Upload an offer

  • Expect a response within 24 hours

PS: If we can't provide you the traffic for your offer, our specialists will provide several recommendations on how to make money by selling products in our affiliate network

Upload one or several offers

And get an answer within 24 hours


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