Personalized Keto Diet Plan (subscription for 299tg)

Setting up TikTok and Facebook pixels
To configure pixels in Tiktok and Facebook, you need to specify part of the payment page url,
namely "/success/confirmed"

- multi-accounts (duplicate accounts), inactive traffic;
- attracting non-solvent audiences, under 18 years of age, target audience with interests in making quick money, working from home, etc.;
- traffic from axle boxes;
- motivated traffic, in particular sweepstakes;
- brokerage traffic;
- mislead - promises in creatives of something that really does not exist;
- fraud - any fraudulent actions, including the use of other people's means of payment and accounts, the involvement of relatives and friends, etc.
- without prior approval, use in creatives: famous, media personalities, athletes, politicians, singers, bloggers, etc.

- traffic falling under one or more restrictions from the list above;
- traffic with 0 activity - complete absence of rebililng subscription payments;

according to this offer, the KPI is not presented

Mandatory targeting - Male/Famale 30+

Name Language Date added Analytics Type Management
CPA Min. Vol.
Kazakhstan 8.00 € 0 1
Kazakhstan 7 days
Payment models
Min dep Wager Baseline
Kazakhstan 299.00 KZT -- --
Click2Reg Reg2CPA
Kazakhstan -- 33.57 20.91 %