Arthron is a natural vitamin complex for the regeneration of cartilage, bones and tendons. Arthron fights inflammation, relieves pain, restores connective tissues.

✔ Resolved sources: Facebook, TikTok, myTarget, Yandex, Google, VK, etc.;
✔ Audio recordings of calls on canceled leads;
✔ Own Traffic Light call center;
✔ Roulette and gift boxes are allowed.

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Name Language Date added Analytics Type Management
Name Language Date added Analytics Type Management

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Russia -- 1800.00 ₽ 2
Belarus -- 950.00 ₽ 1
Russia --
Belarus --
Payouts based on age
Russia to 39 200 ₽
from 40 1800 ₽
Payouts based on a minimum check
Russia до 4600 ₽ 300 ₽
Russia -- -- --
Belarus -- -- --
Russia Details of the Call Center operation
1.The contact center is open:
- around the clock, except for holidays
- on holidays, in accordance with the production calendar of the Russian Federation, it is allowed to reduce the reaction rate to applications.

Prepayment by age:
If the client is aged 20 years and younger, an advance payment is charged
Belarus From 8.00 to 23.00
Russia Prepayment by GEO:
We take an advance payment for GEO in the following cases:
- Dagestan Republic
- Ingushetia Republic
- Karachay-Cherkess Republic
- North Ossetia Republic
- Chechen Republic
- Kabardino-Balkaria
- Kemerovo region

There is no delivery in:
- Donetsk People's Republic
- Luhansk People's Republic
- Zaporozhye region
- Kherson region
Special restrictions from Russian Post office »
Belarus Delivery 3-4 days
There is no delivery limit.
Each creative must be individually coordinated with the advertiser.