Kit for growing oyster mushrooms. The oyster mushroom mycelium is an original gift for a friend, relative or colleague. You can simply grow oyster mushroom mycelium at home, in your country house or apartment.
Includes: oyster mushroom grain mycelium, sunflower husk substrate, box.
Oyster mushrooms are very tasty, soft cap and dense crispy stem.
Oyster mushroom is gastronomic and goes well with many foods. Oyster mushrooms can be pickled, fried and pickled. With proper care, you can grow 3 waves of oyster mushrooms. Make a window in the wall of the box, cut the film covering the substrate in this place.
Place the mushroom growing kit in a room away from sunlight. Maintain the temperature around 22 degrees. Spray 2-5 times a day into the cut-out window during mushroom growth.
. It is important not to leave the box in the sun; dim daylight will be enough. The rudiments will appear in 14 days, when the mushrooms reach the size of a palm - you can already start eating them. We wish you a great mushroom harvest and bon appetit!

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